When is my payment due and is my deposit refundable?

A $150 deposit secures your date and it will be applied to the cost of your package. The remainder of the payment is due no later than the day of the event. The deposit is not refundable but in the event of circumstances beyond your control (ie. hurricane, military deployment) I will apply the deposit to another date if available. You can pay cash that day or a check 2 weeks in advance.

Can I have a color photo printed in black and white?

Yes, any color photograph can be printed in black and white, sepia, and many other choices. See my photo editing page for examples.

How will I order prints or albums from my wedding?

Within 21 days of your wedding, your photos will be posted to a personal web site. You will be able to view your pictures and order prints and albums instantly via an easy-to-use online ordering system.

Do you have a back up photographer?

Yes although I have never missed an event to date I do have peers that may be able to cover me in the event of a foreseable emergency if they are available. While not every emergency is avoidable this is my livelyhood and I take my responsibility to be there for your special day very seriously. I always arrive early and leave enough time for traffic, etc.

How high is the image quality? Do you carry back up equipment?

I have back up cameras, memory cards and equipment that I bring to every event. I often shoot two cameras at once using multiple memory cards for each event. My cameras shoot over 20 megapixels. The high resolution images can be enlarged to poster size with no distortion or loss of image quality.